Venetian Plaster in Venice!

Venetian Plaster in Venice!
July 15, 2018


Even as we were departing, I noticed that the walls at the staircase to our gate at the airport were polished from floor to ceiling in Venetian Plaster!

In New York, Venetian Plaster has been popular for decades. It's a technique that uses lime powder (Limestone), it is trowled on and applied in multiple layers. Then wax can be applied as a protective coating as well as to create sheens ranging from dull to high polish.

It is still popular in New York, even after being a go-to wall application for so long, and part of what keeps it classic is that each application of Venetian Plaster is completely customizable in color and texture. It can take on many different forms from completely smooth to choppy with a raised relief. 

The reason we use Venetian Plaster at Perianth Design in many of the interiors that we create, is because it gives the walls more range and depth of color than that of a single color paint application. It basically is a substitute for wall paint. The plaster reflects the light and automatically raises the level of luxuriousness. In New York, it is usually considered a pretty exclusive and pricey application, but I see that in Italy, even a back entrance to an airport gate is expected to receive this type of luxurious treatment. 

This encounter shows that any space can be given more importance by a little bit of special attention. It also shows that Italy has pride in all of its spaces, not just the historical cities.

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