January 26, 2018


Light floors, dark floors, gray floors--- we’ve seen them all! But I met with a client the other day who wanted her New York city-life apartment to have that urban feel that many suburbanites crave. She wants a dark floor because she thinks that will help her achieve that and she’s right. So why not go really dark? Or iridescent at that? 


I found the most amazing wood flooring the other day at PID Floors and was blown away. The proprietary finish from Italy looks dark green then switches to a royal purple then a deep blue. As you walk around, it changes depending on the angle and the light. Not only will you have a gorgeous base from which to build from, but you’ll never get sick of it either. 


A dark floor anchors the entire space. I suggested this floor for this particular apartment, which is sky-high and the view is the main event, because using a dark iridescent floor will create an amazing sense of drama. Certainly not boring, although I’d definitely keep the rest of the scheme toned down to avoid it all from being too much. 


Iridescent floors--it’s not just your normal floor anymore!

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